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West Hollywood, CA

"Modern art"
Art has the power to change our perceptions on many subjects by shifting our perspectives on how we see the world within and around us. Priscilla’s Art exudes strong emotions through playful compositions and the vibrant, bold colors. Each piece is an experience on its own and carries within it an overflowing wholeness that immediately portrays the timeless passion and love that Priscilla infuses while creating her art.

Priscilla is a self-taught artist with international influences from a young age - her extensive travels and the cultural melting pot cities she has lived in (Guatemala, Boston, Los Angeles)-.

Her art reflects and is influenced by a combination of traditional and new concepts from around the world.

She is constantly rediscovering, redefining and recreating herself through making art. She has a variety of art collections in different mediums which are all inspired in and with the purpose of growing awareness of the self.

Priscilla now resides in Los Angeles
Wescover creator since 2019

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