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Phillip Michaels

New York, NY

"Art is a way for me to connect with myself and share with others. The source of my work is from within and my process is intuitive and spontaneous."
Phillip was born (1987) and raised in Chicago. At the age of eighteen, he decided to leave home and travel the world. A life changing moment was when he landed in India at an ashram as he was trying to discover the meaning of life and to get a better understanding about himself. It is there that he discovered his interest for art. This interest turned into a passion as he continued to pursue his search for self. This eventually brought him to Stony Brook University (2011) and then Florence University of the Arts in Italy (2012). He received his BFA from Hunter College in 2015. Phillip has lived and worked between The Hamptons, New York City, and Miami in recent years.
Wescover creator since 2020

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