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Pete Deise - Public Sculptures and Public Art
Pete Deise
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Pete Deise

Phoenix, AZ

"Peter Deise was born near the sea and raised by a biologist mother and an electrical engineer father. His mother had him looking at life through a microscope at the early age of 3, all the while developing in him a sense of wonder and intrigue that has played a major role in his endeavor as an artist. Deise effortlessly intertwines a love of science and nature with his art in a way that draws the viewer into his own world of curiosities. For over the past twenty years, Deise has studied the relationship of art and nature through his writings, drawings, paintings and sculpture which fuels his quest to progress not only as a sculptor but as an inquisitive human being. Large curves of steel mimic curves of the ocean waves and the intricate network of fire heated and hand tied sculpture take you in deeper as if viewing the veins of a leaf through your own microscope. He works within his own duality, embracing the construction of immense forms of steel as well as the much-needed patience and delicate hand to shape the intricate curl on a piece that is miniscule in comparison."

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