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Paulus Fine Furniture

Harpswell, ME

Woodworking is in my genes.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where my father and uncle were both craftsman.

Through them, I inherited a sense for beauty, harmony and balance.

Often in the past, people suggested that I make a living with my hands. Finally in 2001 I acted on these suggestions and entered the Fine Woodworking Program at Haywood College in North Carolina.

Although I work within the four walls of a studio, my mind enjoys traveling beyond the limitations of traditional designs. This is where the creative ideas start - capturing that first idea and then all the possibilities for its development. I craft pieces of furniture that are a pleasure to live with and are harmonious creations of function and beauty. Sometimes a piece progresses step-by-step.

First the legs, then the aprons and finally the top. In my work I attempt to capture harmony, beauty and functionality - Creating furniture that is pleasant to the eye and with lines emphasizing boundlessness. The creative process starts with sketches, full-size drawings and models. All along the way I play with different possibilities using plain cardboard to visualize the evolving character of the piece.
Wescover creator since 2019

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