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Paul Fuentes Design

Paul Fuentes Design

London, United Kingdom

Paul Fuentes is a graphic designer known for his ironic and somewhat metaphoric illustrations that combine an avant-garde approach to art by incorporating aspects of food, surrealism, and inspiration from everyday life.

How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"It’s always different for each image but I normally use 2 objects to create a new one, so I start with one and then try to find its other half. For me it’s like a marriage, both objects need to adapt many ways like shape, size, colour.

My mashups have all pastel coloured backgrounds inspired by Mexico.
Colours can do a lot to an image as it can make a design stand out!
I grew up in Mexico where a lot of color is used. Towns with houses in all different colours and traditional colorful fabrics. And in the end colors make us happy!"
Paul Fuentes DesignPaul Fuentes Design

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