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Paul D. Gibson

San Francisco, CA

“My visual interest in transparent objects, realism, spatial ambiguity, abstraction, picture plane, multiple vanishing points and perceptual perspective at times may make the viewer a bit uncomfortable but visually stimulating. This is my main visual problem I am trying to achieve-“give the viewer a visual experience they have not seen”. The glass vases, blue, orange cords, tools, mirror, painted cups, larger then life images seem to be to be floating in space. The viewer feels as if they can place their hand into the picture and the feeling they are able to push, catch, touch the objects as they see on a flat picture plane.

Paul D. Gibson was born 1957 in Los Angeles, California. Paul graduated from Art Center College of Design BFA Pasadena California, Painted at the National Academy of Design, New York, NY on a full scholarship.”
Wescover creator since 2017

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