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PATE Arts & Crafts

PATE Arts & Crafts

Roodepoort, South Africa

"evolving spaces"
Pate arts and crafts is a green furniture design and manufacturing company subject to the human body, spirit and mind expressed through the lens of Afrofuturism to create pieces that are one with and are inspired by nature (People included).

How we translate our subject into physical furniture pieces;

Body - (The form of the design)
The shape of all our designs.
Inspired by body movement and posture.

"Nothing is ever symmetrical"

Spirit - (the meaning of the design)
The inspirational cultural object.
Inspired by the meaning of African cultural objects.

"When we bring culture to the forefront of evolution, it's important to carry the meaning"

Mind - (materials that are one with nature)
The material used in the designs.
Inspired by green materials.

“It is our responsibility to prioritize nature by using green materials"

Inspired by nature__________________________________ ______Inspiring nature__

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