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Paige Morehead - Paintings and Art
Paige Morehead
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Paige Morehead

Nashville, TN

Her abstract paintings and inspirations.
Paige states: “I love art and always have. My art teachers growing up said I had an eye for creating. During my high school and college years, I was the lead singer in a rock band; following that, I worked as a receptionist in a jingle production recording studio. Soon after being hired, the management found out I sang and I started singing some local jingles for the company. That developed into singing on four Walt Disney albums. (That was) so long ago….”

Paige continues, “I love music and love art because they offer such a form of expression and everyone’s form is different. I like bright bold colors and I am very drawn to a lot of texture.

As for her favorite painting subject, Paige comments, “I guess my favorite subject to paint is my florals. The floral abstract paintings are favorites among my art customers. I love flowers, flowers in the garden, and fresh flowers around the house. A painting of flowers never dies.”