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Olesya Hudyma

Ternopil, Ukraine

"I love that state of clarity which is like a prayer. All the noise, emotions, and thoughts calm down and I melt into the world full of colours and fantastic flowers."
Olesya Hudyma was born in Ternopil, on May 10, 1980.
In 2003 she graduated with a degree in journalism from the Lviv University. Afterwards she worked as a journalist in Ternopil print media.
Since 2007 she has been a full-time painter.
Olesya‘s artworks are characterized by the emotionally evocative style with the effective canvas texture that leads to the fusion of the opulent colour palette and enrichment. All the paintings are imbued with emotions and special images outlined by quick brushstrokes. According to the topics paintings are systematized in a series: «Sleepwalker», «Steps», «Angels of Peace for Ukraine», «Ukrainian Madonna», «Flowers» that are combined in different artistic ways : abstract art, expressionism, symbolism, magic realism and contemporary postmodernism. Actually her artworks can be attributed to the intuitive form of art which is not based on the already invented techniques. Iconographic image of the woman, which has a sacral meaning - it’s a Soul that passes from one state to another, much more responsible and mature in the endless cycle of life. Abstract floral paintings that require a confident possession of the tool make up a significant part of the whole collection which now constitutes more than thousand paintings. Olesya’s favorite colours are ultramarine, cadmium red and deep blue.
During her year-long dedication to the art Olesya Hudyma showed that she is a truly gifted artist.
In August 2018 Ukrainian Postal Service (Укрпошта) issued a postage stamp with O. Hudyma’s picture «Bride», as a part of «Love is Life» series. Another picture «Tree of Life» was used for a First Day Cover.
Her artworks are in private collections in Ukraine, United States, Canada, Armenia, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Poland.
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