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Oema Ceramics

Barcelona, Spain

"Handcrafted ceramics for the everyday rituals"
Oema is a small-batch ceramics brand that creates artisanal pieces to be treasured and part of the everyday rituals in a joyful home.

Inspired by the curiosity about what makes us feel at home. Imagining it is based on the visual and emotional details of our surroundings and believing in the thought that the environment directly affects our lives and influences our sensory, creative, motivational and well-being pre-dispositions.

Oema relate to people who see beauty in details and value the importance of knowing the history of what surrounds them, recognizing the practical and aesthetic values of what they carefully choose to be part of their routines.

Each piece is thrown, finished and glazed individually and fired in high temperature. Resulting in unique limited ceramics that vary in dimension and finish and are intended to elevate the joy of the daily habits for many years to come.

There will never be two pieces exactly like each other.

Ana Cruz is a brazilian designer based in Barcelona and who designs and produces all the pieces.

Having lived in different houses, cities, countries and continents, Ana is inspired by what makes individuals feel comfortable and belonging to their homes, connecting with the piece of ground that guides them emotionally.

Ana finds in handcrafted ceramics a way to identify with people through the attachment to the surroundings. Exploring her grandfather and great-grandfather's craft with a delicate combination of modern references and sentimental touch.

Oema is a one-woman show.
Wescover creator since 2020

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