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Norwegian Wood

Los Angeles, CA

"Handmade homewares for Eclectic Creatives"
“Produced both in-house and via local small-scale manufacturing, Norwegian Wood rejects the concept of disposable trends. They have been making items for people who curate their own personal aesthetic since 2008.

Norwegian Wood is sold around the world in stores big and small. They have created capsule collections for both Topshop in the UK and Anthropologie in the US.

Their pieces are currently available in many beautiful independent boutiques around the world and here on our own site.”

Designer Angie Johnson has worked in the fashion industry since she was 16, starting her first indie line in 1996 (rave wear...for real). Since then she's never stopped, having worked for both large and small companies since 1998.

Tackling styling, merchandising, photography, graphic design and retail over the years has kept her busy, however Norwegian Wood has been her main focus since 2008.

Born in rural Manitoba she lived and worked in Montreal from 2003-2015, and in the fall of 2015 started moving Norwegian Wood to California.

In February 2016 Norwegian Wood launched the homewares collection, and ceased the creation of seasonal clothing collections, opting instead to create collections on an item by item basis, focusing on superior materials and perfecting details on a case by case basis.
Wescover creator since 2018

Where can you find Norwegian Wood's Items?