Nora Akino - Art
Nora Akino
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Nora Akino

Berkeley, CA

“Born in Japan (1961) to a family of artists, I lived as a child in Japan, India, Nepal, Mexico, Canada, and the Unites States. I have been creating art from a young age and studied drawing and painting in college with Nathan Oliveira, among others. I began making monotypes in 2002.

While in the most obvious sense my work depicts the landscapes of where I live, what draws and holds my attention when I am outside or working in the studio is something other than the physical characteristics of a given place. More and more, what I seek out in a place is presence. I think of presence in the landscape as a counterpart to spirit in humans and animals - an expression of being and existence that subtly vibrates in the air around us and is, as I experience it, the breathing of the earth. Being in place for me means becoming an extension of my surroundings energetically, so that the emanations of earth, water, and living things enter my consciousness and spark awareness. For me, that awakening spark and the accompanying impulse to absorb and learn is the heart of the creative process and the essence of a relational stance towards the natural environment that emphasizes receiving over taking, acceptance over control.”