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Nobuhitu Nishigawara - Plates & Platters and Tableware
Nobuhitu Nishigawara
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Nobuhitu Nishigawara


Nobu Nishigawara is a multi-talented potter and artist. His work includes ceramic pottery for his dinnerware collection, as well as different series of sculptural work, which incorporate clay and ceramics, fusing his Japanese and Western influences.
His beautiful handmade dinnerware collection is built upon the principle that the pieces will “grow with the owner.” It’s the idea that, with time, we learn to appreciate their subtle changes and beauty, and therefore, they become even more beautiful to us with time. He is actively involved in production for the dinnerware line in his studio and when he isn’t working there, he is also a professor and head of the Ceramics Department at California State Fullerton University.

Originally from Nagoya Japan, part of the Aichi Prefecture, known for its ceramics, Nobu was exposed to clay early on and much of his work embodies the “Wabi” and “Sabi” aesthetic. It wasn’t until he was studying as an international student in Canada that his focus with clay began to shift, where his passion developed as he worked under Sadashi Inuzuka. His BFA is from Kansas City Art Institute and he holds a MFA from Arizona State University.

He and his wife have three beautiful girls and they adore their family dog named “Koko,” a mutt which their family rescued from the Pasadena Humane Society. When he isn’t busy working he says he is “pretty much like a bus driver” hauling around his girls with all of their activities.