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Nathan Brown

Nashville, TN

"Large scale murals, public art, organic linework, geometric gradients, font styles and lettering."
Originally from Los Angeles, Nathan relocated to Nashville when he was 11 years old and endured a major culture shock. Embracing the transition between cities through skateboarding and exploring new territories through traveling for skating as a sponsored am, also motivated Nathan artistically. He drew inspiration from skateboarding travels, gradient color palettes in nature, city life and structural lines in architecture, which he eventually transitioned into the studio and on buildings across the U.S. and Europe.

Having now produced over 70 large scale commissioned murals for brands such as Red Bull, Wrangler, Patagonia, Top Golf, WeWork, Google, Spotify and more, Nathan is focused on working with brands to bring beautification projects and art programs to communities that need it the most.

He primarily paints large scale public art on the the streets, as well as indoor private commissions and is currently based in Nashville, TN.

INSTAGRAM: @nathanbrown77
Wescover creator since 2018

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