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Moses Nadel

Moses Nadel

New York, NY

Moses Nadel makes high quality bags, accessories, artifacts and interiors; bespoke lifestyle leather goods handmade in NYC. We are a family owned boutique atelier offering an eclectic range of high quality items crafted with a wide variety of materials. Everything is handmade at the highest level using individually chosen hides, fabrics and fittings: materials selected for their natural beauty, integrity and structural potential. Our work is defined by an original aesthetic as well as considerable attention paid to elemental purity, aesthetic simplicity and extraordinary details of design and construction.

Essential luxury crafted with authentic beauty.

What is your favorite material to work with?

"We both love and loathe vegetable tanned leather. Its like a new canvas. You want to keep it beautiful and clean, but as you're working it shows every blemish. Veg-tanned leather is a great metaphor for life. It so pure at first, and as it ages the stains begin archiving a historical timeline showing character and telling a story the more its used."
Moses NadelMoses Nadel

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