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Miles Metzger - Sculptures and Art
Miles Metzger
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Miles Metzger

Auburn, CA

"Mr. Miles Metzger’s career began in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he studied sculpture. There he learned the Spanish language and received acclamations for his multiple artistic talents. Upon returning to the United States, Mr. Metzger pioneered the mining and use of soapstone after discovering large deposits of carving quality Steatite in the California Sierra Nevada Mountain range in 1973. Mr. Metzger began showing his sculpture at fine art galleries in mid 1974. In 1989, Metzger opened a 7,000 sq. foot studio and showroom in Angels Camp, California. Today Mr. Metzger sculpts in stone, bronze, wood, clay, steel, and synthetics. He also contracts the reproduction of his designs through the use of molds and multi-carvers in China and Mexico. He has trained many carvers in past years; some of who have become very successful craftsmen with careers in sculpture. Mr. Metzger’s current studio and gallery, located in St. Helena, California, opened in 2000. The newest studio and gallery of approximately 10,000 sq. ft. is being remodeled and will house the business office, foreign and domestic marketing facilities, shipping and receiving, and of course Mr. Metzger’s main working studio. It will also boast a one-acre sculpture garden for visitor’s enjoyment, and an additional gallery of Mr. Metzger’s works. The new gallery is anticipated to be completed by the spring of 2006."