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Mick La Rock

Amsterdam, Netherlands

"Geometric abstract murals with a bit of original graffiti spirit"
Mick La Rock (Aileen Middel, Groningen, 1970) is one of Europe’s first and the most well known female graffiti artists.
Active since 1983, she developed her art from the traditional ‘New York School’ graffiti lettering style into a personal, abstract form of graffiti art. During the 90’s - 00’s she worked and lived in both Amsterdam and New York, where she collaborated on big mural productions and became part of the New York graffiti scene.
Intrigued by the question: “What does a letter do when it doesn’t have to be read anymore”, she alienates every element of her old graffiti name into abstraction, away from their original essence and composition. Her minimalistic two-dimensional and three-dimensional work shows influences of brutalist mid 20st century architecture and early 20st century Russian abstract art.
Her murals have been shown at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (2013) and the Helsinki Art Museum (2018) and the famous Miami Beach Sagamore Hotel (2018).

For the Amsterdam Museum, she was the guest curator for the exhibition “Graffiti. New York meets The Dam”(2015-‘16). In 2019 she was selected as City Curator Street Art and Graffiti for the Municipality of Amsterdam.

Mick La Rock works and lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
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