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Michael Paulus

Portland, OR

"Uniquely designed pieces, mural, pattern design and installation."
Artist/Designer creating stand-alone commissions as well as specific and unique, work on-site. Pattern design, painting, illuminated sculpture acting as supplemental lighting, stretched canvas and video installation.

Work has been created for private residences, restaurants, bars, hospitality, as well as corporate offices. Merging my art practice with design, I work directly with clients as well as collaborating with designers or design firms.

My design work involves creating immersive environments, murals or
pattern design, working within the context of the space if site-specific. I often work within the norms of a given format’s historic and general aesthetic while deviating and subverting it’s components and themes.

Design and production often retain a unique form of application via hand-painting and other historic and relatively archaic techniques in this day of common-place
digital transfer.
Wescover creator since 2020

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