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Meleah Gabhart Art

Meleah Gabhart Art

Hillsborough, NC

"Carved wood sculptures made in North Carolina"
Meleah Gabhart is a North Carolina-based sculptor whose art is inspired by the beauty in wood color and grain. Her spirited works bring carved wood shapes and their natural colors into vibrant mosaics, to bring a feeling of the wildness and movement of nature into the space. She has been gathering the discarded scraps of wood from wood mills, furniture makers, and fallen trees for many years, finding their inherent beauty, and recreating them into harmonious mosaics. In her works of art, she considers the natural grain and inherent color of each piece of wood as it is placed within the sculpture..
Her pieces are represented in homes across the US and in Israel.

She was featured in Raleigh magazine for her Tres Trees, a large public sculpture gracing the recently unveiled Midtown East development in Raleigh, NC. She and two other artists were chosen to create a natural, inclusive and inspiring space that encouraged shoppers to sit, walk and browse the outside space.

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