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"Bold Hardwood Slab furniture & accessories for the home & office using reclaimed urban lumber."
When my wife and I bought our first house and we began preparing for the arrival of our son, it was one of our goals to replace all of our cheaply made "starter" furniture items with pieces that were built to last and that we felt reflected our personal styles and that we could be proud of. We started by restoring vintage mid-century modern furniture items and eventually that led to our obsession with live edge.

​The more time I spent at the mill browsing their selections of local grown lumber saved from the wood chipper the more ideas I had that would later become many of the items you see in our inventory. These reclaimed urban hardwoods have gorgeous exotic woodgrain, with great care taken to preserve and prepare to be turned into furniture of heirloom quality.

I'm inspired most by mid-century modern style and enjoy the striking results of combining rustic live edge wood slabs with modern metal elements that will add that lux vibe to any space.

Why live-edge lumber...For appreciation of the tree and the continuous reminder of the living things we share our planet with. Less waste... we turn our scrap cuts into small shelves, building blocks for kids, trivets, coasters, etc. The look and feel of a single solid slab of wood with a natural edge is truly unique and is simply different than glued-up panels of board cut lumber. We source all of our lumber from local family owned saw mills that specialize in reclaimed urban lumber.

Wood shares its story...Most people know of Mesquite thanks to BBQ (Yumm!) but did you know that it carries many medicinal properties? Many Native Tribes used various parts of the plant for treating numerous ailments. It can be a challenging wood to build with due to its hardness and "curly" nature but its also very rewarding!

Every piece that we build is one of a kind, because it cant be replicated! Every wood slab is unique even if we created another piece of the same design, it will be complete with its own story.

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How do your pieces come to life? Tell us one interesting thing about your creative process?

"It depends on if we're creating a commissioned piece versus building something for sale in a boutique. Wood selection is at the core of either scenario, and we source mostly reclaimed hardwoods from Phoenix, Maple and Walnut from Washington, and other sustainable exotics upon request."
Lumberlust DesignsLumberlust Designs

What do you want people to do or feel when they encounter your creations?

"First impressions are everything right? Visually the form and texture needs to draw the viewer in with curiosity to want to touch it. I love seeing a client reach for their piece to get their hands on it for the first time. The best furniture is the kind you feel and that leaves an impression where you cant wait to see it again."
Lumberlust DesignsLumberlust Designs

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