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Lucila Dominguez (Lucilismo) - Murals and Art
Lucila Dominguez (Lucilismo)
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Lucila Dominguez (Lucilismo)

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucila Dominguez is an Argentine artist, muralist and illustrator based in Buenos Aires.
As a lover of travel and nature, she specializes in botanical-themed murals with very strong and colorful elements. After Studying Fine Arts, Lucila gained vast experience in the creation of large-scale projects by working in the film industry along talented art directors and set designers. She also developed as a freelance illustrator and participated in several exhibitions with her artwork.

Passionate about nature, Lucila gets inspiration from the natural world to create her own pictorial universe, rich in details and texture, with a delicate use of color and light. Her painting is joyful, expressive, with hints of mystery and surrealism.

Lucila has been paiting murals by commission for over 6 years, creating works for both interiors and exteriors. Her murals decorate boutiques, hotels, restaurants and private residences in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Spain and Russia.