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Libby Ware Studios - Sculptures and Art
Libby Ware Studios
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Libby Ware Studios

Port Orange, FL

"Libby Ware was born in Florida. She studied art and craft and particularly ceramics.

Ms. Ware in a nationally known craftsman. Her work is treasured in private and corporate collections. Some collections which have been professionally photographed have photos that are, on request, are available for review. Some are: Reston International Center, Reston VA; Gateway Marriott, Crystal Gateway Hotel Washington DC; Private Residential Collection Washington DC; Copenhagen Imports, Sarasota, FL; Private Residential Installation Washington DC; Boca Grande, FL.

In using five sides of a cube as the basic statement of the picture plane, Ware's intention is to synthesize painting and sculpture, even though the cubes are characteristically attached to the wall. The confounding of two and three dimensional space is meant to present to the viewer, at a subtle level, with a visual puzzle. In addition, the depth and space of the cubes draws in the viewer, further into the composition. As the viewer moves past the work the image / illisuion changes.”