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Laurent Chehere Photography - Photography and Art
Laurent Chehere Photography
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Laurent Chehere Photography

Paris, France

"“Laurent Chéhère is a french artist. He lives in Menilmontant, a popular district of Paris, a real Tower of Babel where you can meet the whole world. These working class neighborhoods of Paris are his playground, his main source of inspiration, his own point of departure and arrival. It’s here in the places, where every street corner offers an escape through the foreigners accents, the spice perfumes, that he has discovered a passion for travel, for people and stories from around the world. His inspiration is rich and varied, he loves architecture, cinéma, reportage, conceptual ideas, manipulation, retouching, photo-montage. He creates original pictures. These inspirations, he chose to bring them together, especially in The Flying Houses series which carry his universe, his atmosphere, his history, all that the artist wanted to put there, but also everything the public will wants to see there.

His work have been exhibited in numerous place, in particular at ParisPhoto2013, The Fence Festival New York 2016, Seoul Lunar Festival 2015, Photo Phnom Penh Festival 2013, Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow 2015, Fotografica Bogota 2015 in Colombia, Caumont Art Center in Aix-en-Provence 2015, John Michael Kohler Art Center 2017 and the MUCEM (Museum of Civilizations of Europe and Mediterranean) in Marseille.”"