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Encinitas, CA

Laura Fischer's sculptures are intended to be building sites, or places of production, where she can perform patience, practice, discipline, and work. Her tendency to seek discipline and control through the means of a systematic process is often met with her other tendency to act intuitively and seek beauty in a finished object. Inconsistency and contradiction—despite proper planning and attentiveness—are outcomes that she often faces in the studio, and are welcome characters in her series of sculptures. The work references the architect Le Corbusier, particularly his piece the Convent of La Tourette, for his pursuit of build well-functioning structures that are reserved for regimented living, introspection, and seclusion. She holds an MFA from San Francisco State University and her work has been exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles, Headlands Center for the Arts, and The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum.

Laura lives and works in Encinitas, CA. She owns a small fine jewelry company called SUN, which can be found here.
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