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Laura Chirino

Miami, FL

Laura Chirino grew up and currently resides in Miami Florida. Her passion for art began at a very young age. As a child she was surrounded by art and music, along with the beauty of the Southeast landscape, inspiring her interest in fine art.

After many years of painting in watercolors, Chirino moved forward experimenting with abstracts in various mediums. This pushed her to expand her horizons and tap into new areas of painting she had not yet explored.There was an obvious freedom and personal expression with abstraction and it was then that she really began to flourish. She was deeply interested in the effects of color, texture and the emotional response to strong composition and design. By removing the representational and creating something that told a story without an observational subject matter was very exciting.

Today Chirino's work is a bold mix of styles, ranging from sleek and contemporary to weathered and organic. She brings a subtle and sophisticated feel to her paintings through a unique balance of color, composition and texture.
Wescover creator since 2019

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