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Metz, France

Kogaone’s is a french artist, based in Metz. His works touch the viewer’s spirit with their dark irony, varied palettes and unusual or even disturbing combinations.

His painting is as well inspired by the works of masters as by the human condition inscribed in the
codes of his time. Attentive observer of his contemporaries and their of tencontradictory natures, he explores the alteration, the paradox, the embarrassment that arise when the familiar is deformed or fractured by external influences.

He denatures a scene of life, moves or distorts fragments, or combines / opposes photorealism to a more
free and expressionist painting. He plays with the notion of realism that he distends to abstraction. These
contrasting ideas are then fixed, under the brush, in a transcendental and definitive visual unit. It is a
way of discovering and accepting the singular beauty that is revealed in hesitation, unfinished and imperfection.
Wescover creator since 2019

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