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Katy Kuhn

San Francisco, CA

"it’s just paint, and yet… you tell me"
I am a gestural abstract artist, taking my cue from nature. My work is at once personal and universal, like looking out a window and seeing life through my own point of view, but knowing others will have their own unique experience. I am particularly influenced by the colors and energy of nature and the ever-changing environment. Line, color, shape, and movement all invoke feelings, daydreams, longings, and collective memories. In working abstractly the work is never fixed, but dynamic—one can see infinite relationships. Technically my paintings are organic, yet honed: Spontaneity and energy are just as important as deliberation, composition and application of materials. In working large, I realize the reach of my own physicality and fully immerse myself into each work of art. Look closely, but step back too. It is paint after all; but the fact that its application onto a single surface can reach the deepest part of our psyches is nothing less than a miracle.
Wescover creator since 2018

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