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Katy Casper

Katy Casper

Centennial, CO

I am an artist, designer, creative placemaker, and permaculturist based out of Centennial, Colorado. I mostly paint murals, build site-specific installations, and create wooden wall sculptures based on patterns that I find in my garden or in the wild. The main purpose of my art is to create joy and vitality by reconnecting people with nature. My pieces are typically bright and modern, technologically-aided abstractions that bring to light typically unperceived natural patterns and structures. In other words, they are bridges between technology and nature like microscopic views of botanical structures that are enlarged, abstracted, and reassembled. I am also called to build community through art. Thus, I strive to create pieces that are physically, intellectually, and spiritually interactive as this increases the transformative impact of the art on the people, the place, and ultimately the planet. I also see the solution to the damage we are doing to the planet in permaculture design and strive to connect my artistic practice to these important principals.

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