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Kathy Beekman - Paintings and Art
Kathy Beekman
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Kathy Beekman

Denver, CO

Kathy Beekman, a master finger painter whose soft pastel artwork emerges from the West and Midwest countrysides, lives in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where her home and studio are perched at 8,600 feet. “The vastness of the natural landscape here inspires my work. My paintings reflect how I think and feel about my environment.”
She grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana, a small city surrounded by the farming communities that continuously inspire her subject matter: the barns, clouds, open spaces and streams that conjure up idealized versions of the landscapes she experienced as a child. Her style has developed to include mountains and vast landscapes inspired, again, from where she now lives and the places she visits. This style has a simplified graphic quality with a quiet reflective mood characteristic of all of Beekman’s paintings.

Her passion for the arts extends beyond her canvas. She is a highly sought-after art career coach for artists who want to “rise above the rest,” an instructor in pastel painting to adults, and owner/designer of Chuckle & Chortle, a hilarious greeting card line. She has authored two books. The first book, Prosper: A Success Book for Artists, is packed with tips and real-life experiences offering crucial advice on how to reach personal artistic goals. Her second book, Motivational Quotes: A Reflection Book for Artists, is an exceptional collection of inspirational quotes, along with easy to remember tips and self-reflection questions to motivate artists forward in their creative lives.
A highly collected artist, Beekman has seen representation in Santa Fe, New Mexico for nearly 15 years. You can also find her continuously featured in the highly acclaimed Southwest Art Magazine.

Artist Statement
Painting is my way of exploring my surroundings. It is my key to the secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass. By closely examining architecture, noting the way a cloud casts a shadow, or discerning the color of a mountain in the distance, I better understand the world in which I live.
Coloring books and doodles started me on my artistic path. From the beginning, transforming a piece of paper to reflect my thoughts and feelings has struck me as magical. I love the sense of fulfillment that I get from successfully conveying my emotions onto paper. This is how I best communicate.
Self-taught in the medium of soft pastels, no tools other than my fingers are used. Though I work quite deliberately, my unconscious is truly calling the shots. It steers my compositions, my color choices and their placement, and tells me when a painting is finished. Creating comes intuitively rather than intellectually.

Born: Evanston, Illinois, 1971
Kathy Beekman has been painting predominately in pastel since the year 2000 after an inspirational trip to Mexico. A fine art graduate of Siena Heights University, Michigan, Kathy now finds herself instructing adults in the fine art of pastel painting. Now an active Colorado artist, Kathy is a member of the Art Student’s League of Denver and Past President of the board of directors for the Center for the Arts Evergreen. She has been featured in the nationally acclaimed Southwest Art Magazine as well as LUXE magazine and has authored the books Prosper: A Success Book for Artists and Motivational Quotes: A Reflection Book for Artists. She anxiously looks forward to again participating in the Desert Caballeros Western Museum’s Cowgirl Up!