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Tramore, Ireland

"Memories made to last - Illustrations & Design Products for conscious quality living by the sea"
'LoveTramore' is the name of a brand that

- designs

- produces and 

- sells design products

'LoveTramore' design products are made from
Tramore-related illustrations, printed on paper or fabrics. These aim to promote and brand Tramore as a holiday destination with a unique attitude towards outdoor lifestyle, reducing quantity for quality living.

'LoveTramore' design products are high-end versions of commonly called souvenirs. They are useful, clever in their idea, sustainable, custom designed and handmade.

These Design products appeal to a conscious generation of leisure travellers, outdoor and sports lovers and taste and quality of life seekers. A mobile society..

'LoveTramore' design products have a new attitude and a unique quality standard with a trending visual approach. Reduction to simplicity. Reduction in production to zero waste.
Reduction to the essential things that matter in life.
Wescover creator since 2019

Where can you find LoveTramore's Items?