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Kate Sweeney

Seattle, WA

"Big Color. Big Art."
Kate maintains a fine art practice that is centered on public commissions. She has been awarded commissions by Seattle City Light, Seattle Sound Transit, Washington State Arts Commission, Overlake Hospital and Facebook. She has had the pleasure of working with Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture and 4Culture. Her work is included in public, private and museum collections throughout the US.

A love of science and art led Kate Sweeney to receive a BFA, and then MFA in Medical Illustration from the University of Michigan. Scientific inquiry directs her work. The mind’s idea of the world, macro and micro, fascinates her.

“Everything I create seems to be influenced by some branch of science: quantum physics, medicine, natural phenomena. I love to take a scientific premise as a guiding principal to organize my images. It could be cloud chamber images from particle physics, old anatomy texts, mathematical patterns, the concept of dark matter, electron wave forms - anything that has an underlying pattern made by nature and divined by us through math. I then filter the concept through my sensibilities and create a world of rich color and rhythmic, dynamic, spatial juxtapositions. My work is inspired by science, but I balance an intellectual approach with exuberant color and energetic form to explore the fundamental energy underlying nature.

My typical working method combines printmaking, digital techniques and various painting media. I examine analog versus digital aesthetics using a combination of techniques. I don’t think in rectangles, but shapes. The free edge excites me. Like cave paintings, there are no borders, so form can move into the surrounding space.”
Wescover creator since 2019

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