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Juliene Sinclair Studios

Bozeman, MT

Hi - I'm Juliene! I'm a Bozeman-based artist who believes in fiercely pursuing your dreams, which for me includes a combination of persistence, patience, perseverance, failure, hard work, trust, doubt, self-forgiveness, and self-motivation. At home, I spend my time with my fiancé, family, friends, cats, and chickens. I grow and hunt for my own food, and dream of a large homestead someday where the pigs are grunting and the chickens clucking. I love the heat of the summer and the snowy winters. I fear complacency, which drives me to forsake inhibitions and pursue my dreams. We spend lots of time out in the mountains and on the rivers.

I have lived and traveled abroad, and am exploring combining my inter-cultural and international adventures with the much smaller bubble that is Montana, my current home.

I recently transitioned from acrylic portraiture to watercolor landscapes as the surrounding landscapes have too much of an influence on me not to pay attention. I am exploring combining spirituality through landscapes, wildlife, and murals in an attempt to better connect us with our environment.
Wescover creator since 2019

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