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Joni Dennis

Melbourne, Australia

Joni Dennis is best known for her large oil and acrylic landscape paintings. She uses a combined array of painterly techniques, including spray painting, hand painting, foils and linocut images on Japanese paper used as collage over a painted background.

Female images have also been a focus and eventually she brought the two together in her 190 x 280cm oil and acrylic work, ‘Waltzing Matilda’ which earnt her a fifth prize for painting at the Florence Biennale and a proposition from a Florentine gallery.

A keen interest in female empowerment through body decoration and fashion led to the ‘Reverence Series’. She developed 'portraiture landscapes' where the dress became the ‘storytelling’ visual, a hand-cut bespoke image laid on heavily textured water colour paper, overlaying the portrait surrounded by 24 karat gold. This work was created to be reproduced as beautiful giclee prints capturing the textures and colours of the original, making the images affordable art pieces.
Wescover creator since 2020

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