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Jes Lee

Minneapolis, MN

In my artwork. I layer photographs of our world and compose them into images of new places and realities. I draw a lot of my inspiration from cyberpunk novels where characters often find themselves existing in a digital reality that is based on places in our world, but contains layers of other times and places. These images are shown as traditional framed prints and as handmade books.

Digital Dreams of Where You Are is about location and light. Through digital means we are now constantly able to find ourselves, pin point our geo location, and keep that data to later find where we were. A ‘friend’ in the digital world would always be able to see where we have been in the real world as our location is tagged on to everything we do, leaving a trail behind us.

In the real world, we often surround ourselves with light. We fill
everywhere we can with streetlights, solar-powered lights, lamps,
decorative lights, and we often find ourselves with the glowing
screens of our personal electronic devices. Digital Dreams of Where You Are shows the light trails we leave behind us in the real world, and imagines what light trails we might create in the digital world.

I graduated in 2003 from the University of Minnesota with my
Bachelor’s of Fine Arts. I have studied at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts since 2006 to focus more on combining printmaking and book making with my photography. This is an ongoing exploration for me. I have exhibited in many venues around Minnesota.
Wescover creator since 2017

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