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Jeff Burwell - Furniture and Art
Jeff Burwell
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Jeff Burwell

San Francisco, CA

Jeff Burwell is a San Francisco-based artist and fabricator who works out of a studio on Treasure Island. Jeff main focus at the moment is designing and fabricating many types of metal and wood pieces for unique projects in the Bay Area.

He prefers to work closely with the client and or architect to create unique and ambitious pieces for spaces that require a lot of thought, design, creativity and challenging builds. Not limited to these two materials he likes trying new things and different techniques with any type of project that is presented to him. Lately, this has included a lot of work with CNC technology.

Jeff takes pride in creating work that will last for decades using green products where possible. In the last few years, these projects have included building several cafes, a grocery store, a sunglasses store, a full restaurant, four parklets within San Francisco and three retail stores in Portland, Mexico and Los Angeles.

Projects have also included numerous dining tables, doors, wine racks, coffee tables and railings. Jeff has a keen interest in cooking and winemaking, really any kind of making. Great design, art and challenging projects are also what he loves most after, of course, his beautiful little boy and partner Debbie.

Jeff is a graduate of California College of the Arts in 2004 with a degree in fine art.