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Isaias Crow

San Diego, CA

Gibran Isaias Lopez professionally known as ISAIAS is an international muralist and an eclectic artist that travels with his family or T.F.O.L to diverse parts of the world to advocate, practice and share their philosophies, ideas and empowering information through a series of multidisciplinary programming and experiences.

He has authored a novel, “The Crow’s Aura: The Path to Forgiveness; and a companion workbook containing mental, physical, and spiritual exercises titled: The Crow’s Aura: Unearthing Our Gifts Workbook.”

Everything ISAIAS produces whether it is his distinctive colorful murals, introspective workshops, motivational speaking engagements, or the inspiring books he has written are all created with the same intention of reminding others of the love, power, and gifts they all have within their being.

Due to his multifaceted skills and work experience, ISAIAS’s is sought out by U.S Embassies, architects, builders, program managers, community leaders, teachers, professors, counselors, and therapists to collaborate with them on complex projects that require communication, trust, and alignment with multiple moving parts.

Recently, the office of the mayor of San Diego awarded ISAIAS a certificate of recognition for his contribution to inspire the youth through art and knowledge.

Currently, ISAIAS is working on one of his passion projects – a graphic novel. His aim is to finalize it by mid-2020 and team up with a like-minded publisher to continue to distribute joyful, engaging, and truth evoking information to the masses.
Wescover creator since 2020

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