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Isabella Amstrup - Linens & Bedding and Rugs & Textiles
Isabella Amstrup
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Isabella Amstrup

Philadelphia, PA

"Isabella's practice relies heavily on the marriage of hand and machine but always aims to maintain a craft sensibility. Her experimentation is often driven by a need to understand both the capabilities and limitations of the tools that she uses (dobby looms, jacquard looms, sewing machines, and CAD programs) and how she can push them in unexpected ways.

Isabella recently received a M.S in Textile Design with a focus in weaving from Philadelphia University. For her Master’s Thesis, titled Dress Ritual, Isabella utilized a weaving method she developed called slash-weave. It involves slashing secondhand garments in certain areas and inserting them as weft on the loom. The action of beating-in causes the material to gather, creating volume and ruffles. This process maintains traces of the original garment but alters its shape and relationship to the body. In utilizing this method together with draping, cutting, and sewing, the garments have been given a new life. The unique look of the craftsmanship tells a story and inspires the wearer to care for the garment, prolonging its use."

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