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Inga Liksaite

Berlin, Germany

"Dive in the Sea of stitches, let your mind flow"
Inga Liksaite is a visual artist, working and examining a stitch. Her works have been shown actively in Lithuanian and European art scene. Over the years she developed individual aesthetic language, where the textiles, mostly recognizable as moderated images, rhythmically stitched, come as sewn, embroidered wall canvases, sometimes develop into three-dimensional objects or installations, or, in collegial work with other artists get a shape of moving pictures. The creative territory shifts circularly and unique creative transformation evolves when reviewing it in a time-line.
Inga is practicing in solo, but also periodically involved in creative collaborative projects. Over the years she has acquired valuable collaboration experiences with artists working in various mediums. She has received numerous distinctions for her solo works.
Wescover creator since 2019

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