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Hugh Leeman - Murals and Art
Hugh Leeman
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Hugh Leeman

San Francisco, CA

“Hugh Leeman is an American artist, whose artwork gives voice to the overlooked and oft forgotten. His artwork and projects have worked in concert with the Aeta Tribe Foundation, to bring water wells to the indigenous Aeta Tribe in the Philippines. In the United States his artwork and projects include creating the not for profit "t-shirt project". A business platform connecting low income and homeless "vendors" with smart phone users. This platform allowed smartphone users to support the "vendors" while receiving a t-shirt bearing the hand drawn portrait and backstory of the vendor they chose . The vendor received 100% of the profit through selling and distributing the hand made t-shirts. Leeman's artwork has shown at The Arlington Contemporary Art Center, The Museum of Mexico City, he is an "artistic mastermind" grant recipient. His artwork and projects have been featured on CNN, The San Francisco Chronicle, and The New York Times. He lives in San Francisco, California.”