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Housi Knecht Artist

Naples, FL

"New Beginnings, Positiv Dynamic Art PDA"
Housi Knecht is a renowned Swiss artist
producing sculptures in steel for public
spaces, landmark buildings, government
buildings, businesses and private
Our mission is to provide aesthetic art
pieces to our customers that create
inspiration and emotional impact on
the part of the viewer.
Steel art works, with polished surfaces,
including lighting, use of water.
These combinations i. e. water and
light are created by us using our technology
in these areas. Sculptures can
be anywhere from 1.5 meters in height
to 20 meters or plus, weight of the
sculpture is material dependent.
Material used is stainless steel. Water
circulation layout and electrical wiring
are an integral part of the sculpture
and are delivered with the sculpture as
are all maintenance instructions.
All pieces are handmade with the
highest Swiss workmanship finished in
the highest traditional Swiss quality and
famous Swiss customer care.
We produce our sculptures in-house,
all are Swiss handmade with Swiss
sourced material using our specialized
techniques developed over a period
of 35 years.
We aesthetically advise our customers
on sculpture form, dimensions, placement
and optimum combinations of our
know-how in water integration, light
integration, finish and materials.
Housi, being an international artist,
integrates the heritage and culture in
one and every art piece that he creates
and naturally enters the rich culture of
the Middle East into his art.
Wescover creator since 2020

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