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Helen Dyne Glass Artist

Farnham, United Kingdom

Dyne was born into an artistic family her mother a sculptress her grandmother a painter. She learned from a young age that she had a natural passion for the arts. Dyne did not take the path of Art College as it was frowned upon by her father. Consequently, It was not until she had raised her family that she had the chance to discover herself. Nature is a huge inspiration for her work, like many artists before her and of today.
Now established as a self-taught glass artist she has been working with this medium for the past eighteen years. She has worked with various techniques including lamp work, fusing, and glass blowing. Currently she is exploring the traditional lost wax glass casting method. The process involves creating a master piece in wax then making a mould around the wax model. The wax is then removed “lost” creating a cavity. Glass is then poured into the cavity resulting in a finished sculptural piece. Dyne has an energetic mind that is always thirsty to learn. The fluidity that glass has creates illusions in her work of movement and freedom.
The body of work she is working on at the moment draws from the fragility and power we have within ourselves to destroy or uplift another with words alone. “Confusion Skin to Bone” tells the story of the broken, the decay. Glass skulls with the confusion of flesh tentacle antlers, adorned with delicate fragility of new life growing again, highlighting with kindness we can grow again. The decay of the poppy seeds that were once so beautiful in bloom and the glass pages of words with the fragile flower laying speechless. Dyne has collaborated with other artists for two installation pieces and exhibits regularly in group shows. Due to her original style she has written for Glass Patterns Magazine and had work published in Brides Magazine. She has been a part of the Flux Exhibition since 2017 – pushing herself more and more each year to create unique pieces showcasing her independent style.
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