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Heather Kocsis

Cambridge, Canada

"Architectural Wall-Sculptures of our Time-Kept Places"
Helping people connect to their joy by capturing our time-kept places of where we live, work, and shelter.

Canadian Artist Heather Kocsis creates evocative three-dimensional wall-sculptures using layers of wood.
Heather earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. Her first solo exhibition of wall-sculptures sold in its entirety to a Toronto collector. Since then she has received numerous awards, and her work has been exhibited in over fifty exhibitions throughout North America.

Heather finds wood organic, tactile, and respects that it has sprung from the earth and holds history. Heather captures factories, places of worship or a humble cottage, and is moved by all who have sheltered within these spaces. She doesn’t just hear their stories, she feels them. Then she enters her studio with purpose and a profound amount of practice. Not afraid of the creative process, Heather lives in pursuit of it. She is willing, perhaps even driven, to travel to wherever it takes her; thus the work constantly evolves.

Heather believes that sometimes it is not until the buildings are gone that we realize how much they shaped our identity. So she continues to remind us of this by working with her hands to imbue our stories into her art: art that is created not contrived. It is work that is elusive, yet easy to view. It expects a little something from you. You can choose to admire it, but even more you can choose to enter it. In doing so you begin to understand how this work can reach inside your chest, hold your heart and speak to your own sense of home. Heather understands home; she seeks it in the temple and the skyscraper; she finds home inside herself and in every alleyway and cathedral she captures. She meticulously reminds us to preserve home within each of us.
Wescover creator since 2020

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