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Gregg Bernstein

Boston, MA

"I believe that creating large-scale public art for the community can help change the entire feel of that space and the attitude of the people occupying it. Many of my pieces incorporate history along with community landmarks and community members. I believe that when this enormous piece of public art is inspired by the community, it can give a real sense of connection and belonging that can be extraordinary"
For the past twenty five years Gregg Bernstein has dedicated himself to enriching communities with vibrant and imaginative murals. His diverse body of work can be seen on the walls of almost every neighborhood in Boston and beyond. As the Assistant Director of the City of Boston’s Mayor’s Mural Crew, he had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Boston teens, community members and business owners.
Bernstein’s commercial commissions include local independent businesses as well as international clients.
In 2016 he was awarded the Washington Allston Award of Artistic Achievement for his decade of service to the community by Allston Village Main Streets. Working with public and private partnerships he created twelve murals in ten years throughout the Main Streets Distirct.
Working in conjunction with The Boston Police Department District D-14, Allston Village Main Streets, The Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Development and business owners the murals were created to help eradicate the prevalent graffiti problem in the neighborhood.
He is a graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art with a BFA in printmaking.

Other honors and awards Mr.Bernstein has received :
The Watertwon Historic Commision Environmental Presentation Award 2016
The Watertown Historic Commission Richard E Masterangelo Memorial Award 2014
Nefa Grant recipient 2015
Massachusetts Cultural Council Gold key award 2015
Wescover creator since 2020

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