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Graham Preston - Street Murals and Public Art
Graham Preston
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Graham Preston

Lambertville, NJ

"Graham Preston, penniless drifter, handsome- hipless wonder, and fancy dancer, was formerly a master surfboard shaper and avid East Coast surfer who abandoned his craft to become a full-time artist. A proud grad school dropout from the Brooklyn college MFA program, Graham has returned to grad school at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and is currently represented by Gitler&_ gallery in NYC. Aptly for a surfer, he has a fascination with cultural narratives surrounding youth and their inherent associations with memory, identity and romanticism. "Metaphorically, I am attempting through painting to reach a gut reaction among my viewers that shares similarities to the first time a young man from New Jersey might stumble upon the Nebraska album by the Boss; It’s an indescribable anxiety surrounding the irreversible past, our unrequited loves, and neon lights in the salt air.."