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Gerald Heffernon - Public Sculptures and Sculptures
Gerald Heffernon
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Gerald Heffernon

Winters, CA

“Much of my work is, in a sense, conceptual, but it is a visually realized concept. I do the work for the viewer, and the viewer can add or subtract, get it or like it or not. But I'm also dedicated to making purely visual discoveries. There is an allure to trying to understanding how the human brain sees--that is, makes an image of an image in the brain. Or are images only in the brain, with no objective form? I hold an odd faith that a truly original marriage of art and science can make a new contribution to that understanding. “ - Gerald Heffernon

“Gerald Heffernon lives in Winters, CA. He has shown at galleries and museums nationally as well as in France, including the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento and the Centre Pompidou in Paris. He has been awarded over a dozen public art commissions since 1978, including those for fire stations in San Jose and Sacramento, parks in Sacramento and Denver (both in progress), and the Light Rail Station in Sacramento. Mainly depicting animals, most of his sculptures are made of bronze. He also works with concrete, granite and aluminum and has created suspended sculptures, paintings and other wall-mounted works. He says, “Many of my pieces are whimsical. I like a playful, rather upbeat approach.”