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FORMAGENDA | Benjamin Hopf

Munich, Germany

"Light is our passion, form is our language. Handcrafted with Love in Germany."
Formagenda’s lamps stand for emotion and character, for a precise form language set in a new context. They resist the purely functional and the boringly fashionable without forgetting the most important vision: the love for design. Quite simply, Formagenda manufactures lamps that matter.

The products are never brash or loud, but rather simple, geometrically reduced.
The lamps gain their potential as classics of tomorrow not just by their form language, but by Formagenda’s intuition for subtle, playful combinations and surprising contrasts that breathe life into the seemingly basic shapes.

Formagenda is a lighting manufactory. The products are handcrafted, made in Germany and processed at a very high level. Formagenda works on an intense and personal basis with the suppliers and is using “classic” craftsmanship techniques instead of “impersonal” machinery processes.

„I want people to form a lively relationship with our products”, says Hopf about his vision for Formagenda. Benjamin Hopf has been designing Lamps for international labels for over ten years and is responsible for Formagenda’s creative part. “A good product is a product you can fall in love with”.

With references from different epochs or details from the fashion world, Hopf spins a net of associations providing each object with its own unique character.

It is almost like smelling a perfume which seems familiar and is yet fresh and brand new. Formagenda’s products evoke memories and unfold a game of associations, both individual and unmistakable. Each of the collection’s objects invites the observer to get involved with the interaction of form and perfectly manufactured material.

Formagenda cultivated an inspiring interaction with a „creative family“ from various occupations such as Design, Art, Photography, Journalism, Writing, Philosophy, Graphic Design, Music, etc. We never think elitist, we just love to push our boundaries and try to evolve Formagendas Spirit, try to explore creativity and add more value or emotional content to our products than just pure functionality.

Our Designers have been working for famous studios such as Siemens Design, Mattheo Thun, Patrizia Urquiola or Konstantin Grcic. We focus on a new generation of Designers and share their passion for Zeitgeist and innovation.
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