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Ets Winckelmans - Tiles
Ets Winckelmans

Ets Winckelmans

Lille, France

"French manufacturer of vitrified ceramic tiles since 1894, Winckelmans has passed down its expertise through the family over 5 generations."
Five generations have followed since then, sustaining the legacy and know-how of the founder whilst meeting the challenges specific to each era: the World Wars and bombing of the factory along with globalisation and the need to open up to export are some of the challenges successfully overcome which have allowed the factory to remain on its original site for so many years.
After the opening up to the world and rapid development of our exports initiated by Jacques Winckelmans in the 1990s, the beginning of the 2000s was a difficult time for the factory which had to make some radical changes. The fifth generation currently at the helm thus decided on a major change of gear, with major investment in production and a move upmarket for the product.
Our company has now achieved global recognition for the quality of its tiles and gained the trust of prestigious names in such diverse fields as haute couture and restoration as well as of known personalities.
Today, it is Barbara, Jacques daughter, who is carrying on with the legacy of our product and maintaining the family values that are key to the survival of our tiles.
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