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Elias González

San José, Costa Rica

"Life is made by little details"
The sense of infinity, the expectation, the change of the landscape through the day, my imagination flying beyond the mountains, the thrill of hope. That’s what moves my hand when I am designing: The knowledge and deep emotions that read the invisible lines written as a poem of intentions, those lines guiding every human heart to home. My purpose is to reveal those letters in a solid and living form.

As architect and tropical oriented designer, I find the beauty in natural materials, intriguing pallets that transform the project in a unit with the landscape. The real and sincere expression formed in the combination of material, design and execution, the beauty in the naturality of the building. Every construction has its unique rules, hopes and expectations, to find the equilibrium that creates the bests architectural result is a matter of mutual confidence.

As craftsman, I am madly in love with the idea that beauty and art can be found everywhere, in an infinite word in which every part has its own purpose.

My objective is to crear unique pieces that express the beauty and feelings that I had experienced in the precise moment off the inception of the project, and this is a vital element in all of my projects. Every object is has to respond to something, a need, something in the context, or a material. In my case the need of a craftsman to bring some kind of joy with a good tailored piece of his own art. And this is what pushes my creative intuition, from a desk to an architectural project, I am always looking to tailor every detail, every finish, every part tiny or big, to Crete joy and a better place for every one that happens to pass by some of my creations.
Wescover creator since 2020

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