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Durwood Zedd - Photography and Paintings
Durwood Zedd
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Durwood Zedd

San Francisco, CA

Durwood Zedd’s photography and paintings celebrate the beauty of simplicity in natural and man-made design. A long-time art collector, auctioneer, and fitness trainer, Zedd’s passions are evident in his work. His appreciation for art and design, his curiosity about the objects that shape and bring enjoyment to people’s lives and his respect for the human form are clearly visible in his art.

A self-taught photographer, Zedd began experimenting with 35mm film in 1999 and quickly moved to larger format cameras. Well received by the San Francisco art community, his work was immediately sought after by private collectors, designers, sports figures, and celebrities across the country. Within the first year he had shows in two large local galleries – Peter Alexander and Thomas Reynolds. Zedd has also exhibited at the San Jose Museum of Fine Art, Tamad in New York’s Tribeca, and Beaux Arts Gallery in Woodbury, Connecticut. Printing in archival pigment prints, Zedd’s fine art work ranges from still life to architectural to nudes.

In 2008, Zedd began painting, starting with subjects that he treasured from childhood and from favorite photographs. His paintings are contemporary in style, often abstract in topic, and reflect a blending of colors and textures that are bright and layered. Most have a story that inspired Zedd to artistically capture it on canvas.

Zedd works in large and small formats, in print and on canvas, and his work results from the creative passion and outlook that he has enjoyed his entire life.