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Dr. Burt Brent - Public Sculptures and Public Art
Dr. Burt Brent
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Dr. Burt Brent

San Francisco, CA

"Burt Brent is a retired reconstructive plastic surgeon best known for his work in reconstructing the absent outer ear. He built upon the techniques of his mentor, Dr. Radford Tanzer of the Mary Hitchcock Clinic at Dartmouth Medical School and repaired ear defects in 1,800 patients, most of them children born with ear deformities such as microtia. He also reconstructed ears lost or due to some form of trauma. Brent grew up in Detroit, Michigan, and was highly influenced by his maternal grandfather who taught him cabinetry and woodworking. Although he considered a career in art, he was always surrounded by medicine, because his father was a physician who had an office in the basement of their home. Eventually, his father influenced him to pursue a career in medicine, and Brent decided to study Plastic Surgery so that he could employ his artistic background within that field. He received his B.S. degree from Wayne State University in Detroit and his M.D. degree at Chicago Medical School.

Following his internship at the University of Michigan, Brent entered the U.S. Army as a General Medical Officer and served one year with the 101st Airborne Division. The following year, he transferred to Panama where he served two more years as a medical officer with the Special Forces (“Green Berets”). It was at this time that he became fluent in Spanish, which served him well in helping many Latino patients."